Sacerdotal garments in liturgical acts: the chasuble

by Koine Magazine

Christian liturgy recognizes that its own statute is essential in the ritual memory of the paschal events of Jesus Christ, transmitted to believers who are the Church through community actions which express and signify salvation by God in today’s faith. (See Sc nn. 5-7). The Second Vatican Council marked a major turning point in the overall clarification of the concept and its correct liturgical practice. Communication signs are essential to the celebration and maintain their value in a context that connects the ancient paschal facts with subsequent cultural data. Thus, the Church’s use of different ritual codes (iconic, verbal, olfactory, gestural, garments, objects) keep their meaning even compared to and within the context of the important options of faith. The history of the Christian faith will guide us in the search for the method and content suitable for exploiting even...

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Friday, 23 March 2018

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